We make becoming an author much easier with our professional author services

The various services we offer our authors give them the comfort and security to know that their book will look, sound and feel professional. If you become one of our authors we help you reach your publishing goals and your author destiny.

Our professional services range from Do It Yourself home study programs to our signature 3 day “How To Write A Bestseller Seminars”, through to our well renowned “VIP Fast Track” program where we walk with you each step of the way.

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Proofreading and Editing Services

It’s very important to make sure your book is at its best before it is published.

Our experienced proofreaders provide professional proof reading and and basic editing of your book. We use “basic” editing as we believe in maintaining the author’s voice and therefore do not do a rewrite. We also provide you with feedback if your manuscript needs changing or items added.

Design Services

You’ve worked hard on writing your book. Now give it a professional look and feel.

Our experienced design team will create a concept to make sure your vision is clearly conveyed to your audience. The front and back cover are critical to the overall success of your book. The potential buyer of your book makes his or her buying decision based on the initial impact of your book – this means your book title, subtitle, and overall book design are the critical factors.


Printing / Formats

When you publish with Global Publishing Group your book can be produced in softcover , hardcover and as an e-book.

We utilise the most state-of-the-art offset and digital print-on-demand technology and binding systems to present your book in the best possible way.


We show you strategic ways to imbed your websites throughout your book, gaining greater reach in the market place. 

Developing a solid internet presence for your book is crucial when you consider how many people use the internet everyday to find books. No matter if you consider yourself a computer savvy person or not, Global Publishing can help you establish a strong presence online by giving you tips in using social media sites or advice on creating your own author website. We usually recommend people to do it for you.


Distribution Services

If you’re wanting to build your credibility and your brand locally and internationally.It’s important for you to have your book seen where people go, and even though some books are sold online, the majority of people still buy books in the bookstore. With our bookselling services and distribution channels it’s likely that we can get your book (if we’ve published it) into major retail outlets both offline and online with a global reach of over 40 countries and 50,000 outlets internationally.

ISBN, Barcodes & Library Listings

We offer a full range of services by creating an international barcode for your book.We also arrange listing your books with the National and State libraries. This is important as you must, by law, list your books with the libraries and send them copies of the book. At Global Publishing, we make your life easier and do all this as a part of our publishing services to you. 
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