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We want to take a second to tell you about Global Publishing Group and how wonderful their team is in terms of helping you get your book published. We knew nothing about that, and with Global's help, we've been able to publish our own book, which is now a best-seller, thanks to them. They have been able to take us through, step by step, what it requires to get a book out in the bookstores, and into people's homes and into their lives. They really made it simple for us to be able to do that, and it's been fantastic to be involved with them.
There really is nothing like the buzz of seeing your very own book on the shelves in a bookstore. If you're wanting help to do that, I can't think of anyone better to help you with it than Global Publishing Group.

Andrew & Darryl Grant

Bangkok, Thailand

I am now a bestselling author! It's all thanks to the help of Global Publishing Group because their program helped guide us to write a book. It's in all the bookstores - Borders, Angus & Robertson - and we're doing really, really well with 400 or 500 sales a month. We also sell a lot from our website. It's all because we followed the program - how to put the book together, how to write it so people know what to look for and how to market it.

If you want to get on board with the Global Publishing program, you absolutely must do it. They'll take you right to the top with your niche, with your book, and you'll never look back. It's fantastic.

Matt & Amanda Clarkson

Gold Coast, QLD

To the Global Publishing Group team – the past days have changed my life forever. You are all sincere, dynamic and amazingly wonderful people and I am blessed to be associated with you all. Thank you. I have just survived the most life changing weekend ever with some truly amazing, dynamic and wonderful people. Thank you, I will sing your praises forever.

Graeme Mills

Tamsworth, NSW

A very special thank you to my publisher Global Publishing Group and their awesome team. Thank you for believing in me and giving me one of the most exciting opportunities in my life and one that will make the greatest and most valuable change to my life. I will be forever indebted to you. A huge thank you for your dedication and commitment to the book’s success.

Karen Scott

New Zealand

I’d like to formally acknowledge the people at Global Publishing Group who together make up a professional team of proof readers, editors, typesetters, copywriters and publishers. Their expertise and insight opened my eyes to what was achievable and helped ensure this book was an instant success. Thanks for giving me this incredible opportunity. 

Jason Smith

Melbourne, VIC

The 3 days in Melbourne was awesome and we’ve both experienced a huge paradigm shift. IT IS really a MILLION THANK YOUs to YOU, Global Publishing Group team. We THANK YOU for your GENEROUSITY and KINDNESS to condense your extensive expertise and ingenious marketing strategies in such a SINCERE and EASY TO UNDERSTAND manner. We are definitely BLESSED.

Selina Seah


I have always wanted to write a book and to be honest, I didn’t think that the task of authoring a book would be all that hard. How wrong I was. If it wasn’t for the expertise, guidance and support offered by the owners and staff of Global Publishing I’m not certain that I would have finished this book in the time frame that I did. Thank you for opening the door to this new world and thank you for aiding in my success as a bestselling author. Thank you. 

Kevin Enright

Perth, WA

Hi team. My book The New Director was published at the end of May. I have visited a few bookstores and they are all stocking it. By the time I got back the next day every one of the stores had contacted my office asking me to send more as they had sold out! The book has been reviewed in the major Business Magazine in NZ (NZ Business). The review starts out “This is compulsory reading for anyone wanting to get started as a professional director…” I have an invitation to appear on a nationally broadcast business programme to talk about corporate governance. Best of all. 

Ron Scott

New Zealand

I have to say, that the last 11 months have been like giving birth. Writing and growing, re-writing and growing, writing and growing until finally with much gusto everything came together. The support of the staff at Global Publishing are second to none. They are always available, with a welcoming voice, on the end of the phone in the office, so valuable for when you begin to doubt yourself, don’t know what to do next or just plain and simply stop for a while. They give you a nudge and a wink and have no-end of suggestions as to the next step to take, to keep up the momentum to continue and finally complete the journey of becoming an Author.

Sandy Simmons

Melbourne, VIC

I'd like to thank the team at Global Publishing Group for helping make my book, Internet Riches, a huge success. If it wasn't for them, my book would still be on the back burner, collecting dust. I only started this programme a few months ago and I got a call from Global with some great news. They said, "John, your book is now accepted for global distribution around the world."
If it wasn't for the Global Publishing programme, this would not have been possible. So yeah, just do it. It's one of the best investments that I've ever made.

John Mu

QLD, Australia

With all my heart, thank you Global Publishing Group team, for the encouragement and belief that I could write this book. I would never have thought it possible until I met you, now the sky is the limit. Thanks also to your team; they are awesome. 

Eunice Hunter

Melbourne, VIC

To our publisher, Global Publishing Group and their team, we thank you all for unravelling the web of intrigue around the publishing and distribution of our book. Your knowledge of marketing and the “back end” of any business is truly outstanding. We have learnt so much and know that he has contributed massively to our success.

Anthea Nicholas

QLD, Australia

Global Publishing Group – my book mentors who were the inspiration for this book. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, expertise and time with me. Thank you for reminding me that that all the choices we make are ours – we can create the life we want. Thank you for helping me to achieve this.

Grace Love

Adelaide, SA

I am writing to thank you for your time and expertise which you shared with me on Friday while in Sydney. You really are beyond professional, clearly you are a leader in your field but you are also generous in sharing your skills and talents. As I said to you when we concluded our meeting, you are ridiculously amazing! I did not think I could be more motivated to complete this book but after those couple of hours which flew by, I am even more motivated and excited, it seems real now, I know it’s going to happen! I have written about 50% of the content and I wish I had more time to just keep going without having to attend to my other commitments! 

Randa Habelrih

Sydney, NSW

Just a line to let you know what a magic life I’m having. This letter is to let you know how grateful I am for you accepting my book when you really didn’t have to. It has made the final part of my life’s journey (I expect another 10 active years) so wonderful. I am having a wonderful time. The feedback on “Happiness is Just a Breath Away” has absolutely amazed me. I remember when I attended your workshop you told us “There’s nothing in the world like the feeling of seeing your book on the bookshop shelves”. Well, when I walked into the Angus and Robertson store yesterday, there they were sitting on the shelves ready for my signing on Saturday. How exciting is that!!

Kawena Gordon

QLD, Australia

I would also like to thank the team at Global Publishing Group for deciding that I had a vision and a story to tell. I thank you for your leap of faith and for your belief in me.

Beatrice Imbert

Melbourne, VIC

A massive thank you to my publisher Global Publishing Group and to their Awesome team, for your dedication and commitment to the books success.

Theresa Fitzgerald

NSW, Australia

A huge thank you to my publisher Global Publishing Group and to their awesome team for your dedication and commitment to the book’s success. 

Wolfgang Hofbaue

Melbourne, VIC

Finally, I’d like to thank Global Publishing Group who have been great providers of support, advice and encouragement over the past number of years not only in terms of getting this book completed but also in business. 

Paul Harper

Melbourne, VIC

To my publisher Global Publishing Group, a resounding thanks for believing in the difference that this book would make in the lives of others. The support you gave and the system you have created has made writing the book such a joy. 

Rosemary McCallum

Melbourne, VIC

Lastly, I would like to give a massive thank you to the team at Global Publishing Group for their hard work and incredible insights into the world of publishing and marketing.

Rob Whittle

QLD, Australia

To the Global Publishing Group team, you’ve made this book possible. We appreciate and thank you for walking with us and bringing this book to life.

Patricia & John Twomey

Narangba, QLD

To the Global Publishing team, you’ve made this book possible. We appreciate and thank you for walking with us and bringing this book to life.

Dr. Kristine Martin McDonald

Toronto, NSW

A huge thank you to my publisher, Global Publishing Group and their awesome team for their dedication and commitment to the book’s success.

Ian Marsh

Gold Coast, QLD

I’d like to say a very special thank you to the awesome team at Global Publishing Group for giving me the confidence, tools, guidance and support, to put this book together.

Verona Chadwick

Sydney, NSW

A special thank you to the team at Global Publishing Group for keeping it on track, keeping me accountable and somehow making this happen.

Dr. Angela Mackenzie

Melbourne, VIC

First of all, a big thank you to the Global Publishing team for opening the door of opportunity and for the wonderful support they gave to allow me to write and publish my book. They inspired me to expand on my potential concepts for which I will always be grateful. Thank you for providing excellent service and really going out of their way to please.

Tony Milkins

Melbourne, VIC

I met the Global Publishing Group team about eighteen months ago and have been in awe of them ever since. They are the reason this book project came about. They have taught me so many business skills in the past year that my head could spin off at any moment. Love your work team! Thanks for putting up with my antics over the past few months. You’ve been very patient and helpful to say the least. Hopefully, we can do this again sometime! We had fun, didn’t we?

Caroline Leslie

Melbourne, VIC

Also, a special thank you to Global Publishing Group and their team.
You have helped me achieve a dream and made “Angie’s Adventures” a reality. To all I say, “Thank You.”

Gail Harvey

Hamilton Island, QLD

A huge Thank You to our publisher Global Publishing Group and to their awesome team: your dedication and commitment to the book’s success has been nothing short of amazing.

Bret Thomson

Gold Coast, QLD

Thank you so much for all your wonderful support, encouragement and guidance. Your professionalism and sincere caring SHINES always.

Tracey Stranger


I could never have published this book without the advice, support and assistance from the great team at Global Publishing Group. My motivation for getting this book written and published was the outcome of attending Global’s “How to Write a Bestseller” workshop. Special thanks go to Fletcher Searle and Kelly Mayne who kept prodding me to complete the manuscript and then coordinated all those essential behind-the-scene happenings to make sure this book was successfully published.

Michael Sourjah

Sydney, NSW

Fletcher for your belief in me from the start of this project. Your patience, support and encouragement has led to my new belief in me. My favourite quote from you, that was my go-to source of inspiration whenever I felt self-doubt, was “run on our belief in you until you believe in you”. Thank you, because now I do believe in me.

Fiona Lane

Torquay, VIC

A special note to my publisher – Global Publishing Group and the awesome team. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Carolyn Webster

Reservoir, VIC

A huge thank you to my publisher Global Publishing Group and their remarkable team, for your dedication and commitment to the book’s success.

Scott Wescombe Image

Scott Wescombe

Scarborough, WA

Lastly I would like to acknowledge Global Publishing Group for making this next stage of my journey a reality.

Michele Doyle

Dark Corner, NSW

A special thank you to the Global Publishing Group team. You keep opening my eyes and heart to a bigger and better life. Without your support I could not have changed so many people’s lives in such a short time and for that I’m truly grateful.
I love our chats, our laughs and our jokes. Thanks for not only making my book but also me look so good. You are truly amazing and professional people.

Sharon Jurd

Labrador, QLD

Firstly, I would like to thank Global Publishing who planted the seed that I could write this book in my mind a number of years ago and offered me regular encouragement, support and guidance in seeing it come to fruition. Thank you for believing in me and giving me one of the most exciting opportunities that will make the greatest and most valuable change to my life.

Lynette Gray Image

Lynette Gray

Westbrook, QLD

To everyone at Global Publishing, thanks for all you’ve done. Your knowledge of the publishing industry is second to none while your marketing advice is priceless. The delivery team also deserves a special mention for the tireless work they put in for their authors.

Pete Burden Profile

Pete Burdon

New Zealand

To the team at Global Publishing Group, thank you for inviting me into your 2015 How To Write A Best Seller group. Thank you also for your unending support and guidance to bring my book to fruition. To the other authors in the How To Write A Best Seller group, thank you.

Ian Davies Image

Ian Davies

Stawell, VIC

Finally, thank you to the team at Global Publishing. You were there for me every step of the way. No question was too silly and no request too big. You sincerely want the best for your authors and you have been astounding mentors to me. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Mahdi Mason


I want to thank the wonderful people at Global Publishing Group for patiently waiting for me to finish this book. A special thanks to Helen who made this book possible.

Esme Chin

Chatswood, NSW

To the amazing team at Global Publishing Group, thank you for your unwavering support and patience. Your process to enable authors to achieve successful publication is exceptional.

Darrell Hardidge

Heatherton, VIC

I would like to say a huge thank you to my publisher, Global Publishing Group, and the amazing team there for their dedication and commitment to the success of this book.

Anthony Delaney

Kyneton, VIC

If you're confused about the book marketing process, there is no more confusion after going through and learning from Global Publishing Group. It gives a step-by-step system that anyone can follow. It's A through Z, or as the Aussies say A through zed. In America, there's nothing like this. There's nothing like this that exists in the UK. Global Publishing has got the system worldwide to take your book into any market you choose to market yourself and to make money with. The book itself will make you a celebrity. This system is flawless.

Mitch Carson

Nevada, USA

I used to be from the UK, but I've been all over Asia for 25 years. I'm in the investment business. Global Publishing blew open my mind to not just writing a book but the game behind the game. I won't miss a single event, and I fly internationally to get here.

Do I believe that this information would have a positive effect on you personally and financially? Yes, and I'm proof. The money that I've earned, the billionaires that I've attracted, the excellent private equity companies that have been attracted to me, including deals with Facebook, undervalued deals that I've got, all of my TV, all of my radio coverage. It has been absolutely awesome.

Graham Bibby Image

Graham Bibby

Sydney, NSW

My business is intuitive consulting and facilitation & speaking. I'm looking at publishing my book, and I flew from the States to Australia for this Global Publishing event. Absolutely worth it. Getting personal feedback on my title, my book, my idea, on the content - it was amazing. It was over a 24-hour flight, and I would do it again.

Katherine McIntosh Profile

Katherine McIntosh

Colorado, USA

To the fine people at Global publishing Group for the invaluable guidance, support and belief in our ability to transform our knowledge, passion and experiences in business into this book that we hope will help so many.

Simon Frayne & Daniel O’Connor

Perth, WA

To the team at Global Publishing Group who were always there to encourage and listen.
To Pat Mesiti who introduced me to them, thank you. Now the birth of “Unzip your Sexual Attraction” could and has finally taken root. Thank you

Pauline Allen Image

Pauline Allen

Broadbeach Waters, QLD

Writing this book has been an amazing achievement for me. Thank you to you and your team.
My dislike for writing started in primary school. I was at the top of the class in most subjects but I didn’t have the gift to flow with words. I suffered my way through writing essays and it has never been my dream to write. However, I’ve always had a gift to speak. I’ve used that gift over the years to speak to women’s groups, encouraging the women in their roles as women and the mothers in their roles as mothers.
For more than twenty-five years I was consistently asked to write my story because it was needed and for twenty-five years I said, “No!”
By the time I heard you speak I knew I was called to write so I stepped out in faith to make it happen. This journey has not been easy. I had to literally change my mind about writing and not look back.
What I thought in my mind, believed in my heart and spoke with my mouth had to change. These are the principles that have won many victories for me through life.
I’m so grateful that I completed this journey and so grateful for the support from you all.
Love and blessings,

Patricia and John Twomey

Narangba, QLD

Thank you to the Global Publishing Group for encouraging me to write this book, for all the help and support throughout the process of writing the book. Also to all the people behind the scenes that we don’t get to meet.

Sandra Jennings

Maroubra, NSW

A big thank you to all at Global Publishing Group for their dedication and encouragement.

Patricia Dennis Image

Patricia Dennis

Beaconsfield, VIC

We would not have even dreamt of this book if it wasn’t for the team at Global Publishing Group. They are an inspiration and have made the process of writing this book easy even during the challenges. Their stable of amazing writers has also been an inspiration and we have formed many lifelong friendships with many of them.

Nick Shady & Ayesha Hilton

Mt Helen, VIC