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Writing this book has been an amazing achievement for me. Thank you to you and your team. My dislike for writing started in primary school. I was at the top of the class in most subjects but I didn’t have the gift to flow with words. I suffered my way through writing essays and it has never been my dream to write. However, I’ve always had a gift to speak. I’ve used that gift over the years to speak to women’s groups, encouraging the women in their roles as women and the mothers in their roles as mothers. For more than twenty-five years I was consistently asked to write my story because it was needed and for twenty-five years I said, “No!” By the time I heard you speak I knew I was called to write so I stepped out in faith to make it happen. This journey has not been easy. I had to literally change my mind about writing and not look back. What I thought in my mind, believed in my heart and spoke with my mouth had to change. These are the principles that have won many victories for me through life. I’m so grateful that I completed this journey and so grateful for the support from you all. Love and blessings,
Patricia and john twomey
Patricia and John Twomey
Narangba, QLD
We would not have even dreamt of this book if it wasn’t for the team at Global Publishing Group. They are an inspiration and have made the process of writing this book easy even during the challenges. Their stable of amazing writers has also been an inspiration and we have formed many lifelong friendships with many of them.
Nick shady ayesha hilton
Nick Shady & Ayesha Hilton
Mt Helen, VIC
A big thank you to all at Global Publishing Group for their dedication and encouragement.
Patricia dennis
Patricia Dennis
Beaconsfield, VIC
Thank you to the Global Publishing Group for encouraging me to write this book, for all the help and support throughout the process of writing the book. Also to all the people behind the scenes that we don’t get to meet.
Sandra jennings
Sandra Jennings
Maroubra, NSW
To the team at Global Publishing Group who were always there to encourage and listen. To Pat Mesiti who introduced me to them, thank you. Now the birth of “Unzip your Sexual Attraction” could and has finally taken root. Thank you
Pauline allen
Pauline Allen
Broadbeach Waters, QLD
To the fine people at Global publishing Group for the invaluable guidance, support and belief in our ability to transform our knowledge, passion and experiences in business into this book that we hope will help so many.
Simon frayne
Simon Frayne & Daniel O’Connor
Perth, WA
My business is intuitive consulting and facilitation & speaking. I'm looking at publishing my book, and I flew from the States to Australia for this Global Publishing event. Absolutely worth it. Getting personal feedback on my title, my book, my idea, on the content - it was amazing. It was over a 24-hour flight, and I would do it again.
Katherine mcintosh
Katherine McIntosh
Colorado, USA
I used to be from the UK, but I've been all over Asia for 25 years. I'm in the investment business. Global Publishing blew open my mind to not just writing a book but the game behind the game. I won't miss a single event, and I fly internationally to get here.Do I believe that this information would have a positive effect on you personally and financially? Yes, and I'm proof. The money that I've earned, the billionaires that I've attracted, the excellent private equity companies that have been attracted to me, including deals with Facebook, undervalued deals that I've got, all of my TV, all of my radio coverage. It has been absolutely awesome.
Graham bibby
Graham Bibby
Sydney, NSW
If you're confused about the book marketing process, there is no more confusion after going through and learning from Global Publishing Group. It gives a step-by-step system that anyone can follow. It's A through Z, or as the Aussies say A through zed. In America, there's nothing like this. There's nothing like this that exists in the UK. Global Publishing has got the system worldwide to take your book into any market you choose to market yourself and to make money with. The book itself will make you a celebrity. This system is flawless.
Mitch carson
Mitch Carson
Nevada, USA
I would like to say a huge thank you to my publisher, Global Publishing Group, and the amazing team there for their dedication and commitment to the success of this book.
Anthony delaney
Anthony Delaney
Kyneton, VIC
To the amazing team at Global Publishing Group, thank you for your unwavering support and patience. Your process to enable authors to achieve successful publication is exceptional.
Darrell hardidge
Darrell Hardidge
Heatherton, VIC
Global Publishing Group  
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