How Authority Marketing Attracts High-Value, Ready-To-Buy New Prospects

Discover the #1 positioning strategy for revenue and business growth


Do you sometimes feel like the ‘best-kept secret’? That you have a powerful message to share that can make a massive impact on others?

It’s time to step into Authority Marketing. Join me for this conversation with Andrew Carter, CEO of Global Publishing Group who’ll be sharing his journey and the uniquely powerful Authority Marketing Strategy that is SO good, he bought the company!

Join us for this powerful, eye-opening and inspiring session, you won’t want to miss it!

Andrew carter

Hi, I'm your host for this Zoom conversation, Julie Mason.

You are in business because you know that you can bring valuable solutions to your clients.

And the world needs you!

Your amazing knowledge, skills and insight.

There are people and businesses out there just waiting for you to show up.

To step up above the crowd and stand out.

Never has it been more important to position yourself and elevate yourself from a crowded, highly competitive marketplace.

Which is why it’s vital that you join myself and Andrew Carter on Zoom to talk all about Authority Marketing.

I’m excited and I’m looking forward to seeing you then.

Warm regards,

Julie Mason
Global Publishing Group  
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