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About Global Publishing Group

We are very different from other mainstream book publishers. Global Publishing Group is an International Leading Entrepreneurial Publisher that has helped create bestselling Authors, Entrepreneurs, Celebrities and Business Owners. We support and expand their entrepreneurial ideas. We assist them to build massive businesses and brands around the world allowing them to enjoy a more extraordinary and abundant life. We give them a global voice to make an impact in an effort to create a better world.

Andrew Carter



The brand CEO Andrew is an international author, entrepreneur, speaker, philanthropist, pilot and business leader, acknowledged for his strategic and marketing intellect. He is a recognised authority on Aviation, leadership, decision making and business turnaround. Through his consulting, not for profit entities, books, publishing and business education companies, Andrew has wowed and transformed the lives and businesses of people from all walks of life. His award-winning company Global Publishing Group Pty Ltd has helped people like coaches, thought leaders, business CEOs, retailers, financial advisors, property experts, health industry experts, franchisors, and entrepreneurs to succeed.

Global Publishing Group has hundreds of international bestselling authors around the world who have been and has featured in media, appearing on TV, radio and in print. His unique strategies, systems, publishing and marketing tools for wealth creation are empowering thousands around the world to improve their lives.

Global Publishing Group trains and encourages authors and future authors to produce, print and publish books so they can share their message with the world. We also educate, inspire and empower people to change their lives through seminars and video and audio programs.

Many of Global Publishing Group’s authors have won local and international awards. We publish many new titles each year specialising in “How to”, “Personal Development”, Business and general non fiction.

International Distribution Channels

Global Publishing Group connects you with the world’s largest distribution channel of book wholesalers and retailers. We are continually updating our distribution partners through catalogue feeds directly so your titles instantly receive extensive market exposure.

We maintain relationships with the most comprehensive portfolio of booksellers serving consumers today.

Global Publishing will make your titles available through a range of distribution channel partners that are leaders in print and electronic wholesale and distribution serving over 39,000 retailers, libraries, schools, internet commerce companies and other channel partners including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chapters/Indigo (Canada), and other well-known retailers and wholesalers of books.

We have book and electronic eBook distribution outlets in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Europe and South East Asia.