Belinda Joyce

Belinda loves working with families and assisting them on their journey to parenthood while also helping them to enjoy their babies and children. Belinda specialises in providing family-centred care. She also takes pride in having mentored many student nurses and midwives over the past 20 years.

Belinda has earned a Bachelor of Nursing, and Graduate Diploma of Midwifery, and a Master of Nursing Science in Child, Family & Community. Most of the time when she was studying she was raising her four young children.

Throughout her nursing and midwifery career of 20 years, Belinda has worked with many organisations. She has worked with thousands of parents and newborns during childbirth education, prenatal care, labour and birth, postnatal care and in the special care nursery with unwell or premature babies. She has also worked throughout regional Victoria with multiple local governments serving as a Maternal and Child Health Nurse and continues in this role where she performs home visits and key age consultations with families and children from newborn to school age including facilitating first time parent groups (mothers’ groups).

Belinda’s professional associations include the Victorian Association of Maternal & Child Health Nurses, Maternal Child and Family Health Nurses Australia and the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation.

As a mother of four children, Belinda enjoys being involved in all of their school activities. From performing the role of a classroom helper to volunteering for canteen, sports and fundraising activities, she sees her children as the greatest achievements in her life.

While fulfilling her dream to see the world, Belinda has travelled throughout Australia, England, France, Italy, Fiji, Thailand, Singapore and New Zealand.

Belinda Joyce is the author of Survive and Enjoy Your Baby and lives in Victoria, Australia with her husband and four children.