The 7 Mountains of Influence

The 7 Mountains of Influence

A Practical Guide to Understanding God’s Purpose for your Life

Author: Bronwyn O’Brien

Get Ready To Transform Your Life, Your World!

“Bronwyn O’Brien is blessed to have keen spiritual ears. She has written an extremely important book. The Gospel of the Kingdom goes beyond saving souls to reforming society. I have been wonderfully enlightened and challenged by The 7 Mountains of Influence, and I know that you will be as well.” C. Peter Wagner – Author, Apostolic Ambassador.

You will discover:

  • What on earth am I here for?
  • Why your dreams are important?
  • How to discover your passions that give your life purpose?
  • How to be in full time ministry without quitting your job?
  • How to turn discontentment into fulfilment?
  • How to have a fulfilled life every day?