Janni Goss

Author, Speaker, Wellbeing Educator and Laughter Yoga Leader, Teacher and Ambassador

Janni Goss is a conference speaker, wellbeing educator and author specialising in sustaining wellbeing and taking responsibility for one’s health throughout life. Janni is a qualified physiotherapist and Feldenkrais practitioner, and a former lecturer at the School of Physiotherapy in Western Australia. She was initially trained in 2000 by Dr Madan Kataria, Founder of the Laughter Yoga Movement, and subsequently in 2005 and 2008.

Janni is the Advisor for Ageing and Disability for the National Council of Women Western Australia and promotes healthy longevity. She is currently the President of LaughWA Inc. which provides Laughter Yogaa trainings, and supports the establishment of Laughter Clubs in Western Australia.

Janni is the author of the book ‘Love Laughter and Longevity – The Art and Science of Wellbeing’.

Janni’s travels have taken her to Canada, Malaysia, Singapore and Europe. In Geneva, Janni worked as an au pair to improve her French, worked as a physiotherapist in England, and visited Oslo, Norway to pursue her interest in childhood asthma. She enjoyed the Edinburgh Festival and skiing in Austria and Switzerland. Janni presented at an International Health Education Conference in Ottawa, Canada and more recently spent time on Mauritius, where she discovered that there is a population of centenarians – of great interest.

Janni has presented at numerous international, national and state conferences, as well as at corporate events and professional development seminars, health and education seminars. She is invited to present at women’s, carers and seniors’ organisations, retreats, fundraisers, expos and AGM’s.

Janni has a particular interest in the wellbeing of children and created JelliTimeTM to help children learn relaxation and selfregulation skills. Movement, fun, laughter and relaxation are integral to JelliTime and it utilises the elements of Laughter Yoga as part of the engaging activities. Janni has produced a Nurturing Kids Kit to promote children’s wellbeing, which has been featured on the Today Tonight program on Channel 7 in Perth, Western Australia.

In 2006 Janni was the recipient of a Laughter Ambassador Award from Dr Kataria at the first Australian Laughter Conference and in 2012 she was the convenor of the first West Coast Laughter Conference in Perth. Sebastien Gendry, CEO of Laughter Yoga America, was the keynote speaker.

As a result of her life experiences, Janni is passionate about outsmarting stress and specialises in sharing multiple strategies to improve health and wellbeing. She has taught stress-reduction strategies to thousands of adults to help them take care of their health and sustain their wellbeing.

Her presentations include her Laughter Prescription and introducing participants to the wide range of benefits that Laughter and Laughter Yoga provide. Janni has been affectionately known as The Laughter Lady since 2001 and is widely known for her presentations which are inspiring, interactive, informative and fun. Janni was invited to have a profile in the book ‘Motivational Speakers Australia’ which was published in 2015.

Janni is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association, Australian Feldenkrais Guild, Council on the Ageing (COTA), National Seniors Association Australia, Australian Association of Gerontology, National Council of Women WA, Early Childhood Australia and OMEP (International Pre-school Education Organisation).

Janni lives in Perth, Western Australia but frequently visits Melbourne to spend time with her son, Simon, his wife, Miyo, and her new grandson, Ethan.