Joe Macri

Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Optometrist, Property Investor

Joe is an author, optometrist, entrepreneur, public speaker, property investor and an accomplished skier and martial artist.

A traumatic, school-yard injury to Joe’s left eye when he was 10-years-old set him on the path to becoming an optometrist. It was that accident, and the expert care he received, that inspired within him a passionate thirst to learn everything he could about how the eyes function.

His natural compassion and desire to help others led Joe to earn his Bachelor of Medical Science degree with honours in 1998 at Sydney University. While there, he co-authored a journal article that was published in Visual Neuroscience. Joe then went on to earn a Bachelor of Optometry degree with honours in 2002.

During his studies, Joe developed a special interest in Orthokeratology, the process of reshaping the eye with a customized rigid gas-permeable contact lens.

After spending his early career in both private and corporate optometry practices, Joe purchased his current practice in 2007. As the owner of an optometry practice in Sydney’s North West, Joe, through his entrepreneurial strategies, nearly doubled the revenue of the practice within his first year. Since then, he has gone on to win business awards that praise his commitment to his profession and to the community.

Among his many professional associations, Joe is an active member of the Optometrists Association of Australia, the Orthokeratology Association of Oceania, Business Networking International and Toastmasters International where he has won several best speaker awards.

Joe has travelled and worked throughout Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, France, Spain, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, China, Egypt and Canada.

Joe’s commitment to success also shows up as he excels in the martial arts field. He won a medal in Judo at the Australian University Games in 2000, and placed second in adult sparring at the Sydney International Open Tae Kwon-Do Championships in 2005.

Joe Macri is the author of ‘Think Like A Burglar – The Essential guide to keeping your home and family safe.’

Joe lives in Sydney with his wife Jessie and his two children, Chloe and Lucas.