Verses From the Vortex

Verses From The Vortex

Inspirational Poetry from Meditation

Author: Judy Foort

Meditation is a battery charger to jump start the soul in love and light, to live in a higher vibration, and connect to source and your angels, each and every day.

You'll learn:

  • How to create and feel ELATION as you listen to the amazing adventures that I experienced as I explored deep within my subconscious mind.
  • To access the SUBLIME JOY that just reading and experiencing the rhythm of words in Verse can bring as it stimulates your own imagination.
  • Just how easy it is to RELAX and eliminate STRESS as you sit in silence and still your active mind.
  • Surprise yourself by visiting other DIMENSIONS where your imagination is unlimited!
  • You will be AMAZED how answers to many of your QUESTIONS are awaiting you when you access your Guides and Angels and commune with Spirit.
  • In the stillness of Meditation you will find answers usually exist within your Inner self anyway!
  • This utter PEACE is freely available and so easily accessed if you just allow the time.
  • Find out the SHEER JOY in discovering sights, colours, feelings and experiences that maybe you never knew existed and will have real breakthrough advantage for yourself that you never thought
  • possible and are yet to discover!
  • My own discovery was to find that I was inspired to channel Verse as I returned to the everyday world and was then encouraged to share my unique experiences with you, to help you enjoy your journeys.