Be Brave, Be Bold, Be You

Be Brave, Be Bold, Be You

The No BS Guide to Living with a Mental Illness and Succeeding at Life

Author: Megan Coburn

Be Kind, for Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Battle You Know Nothing About

This book is full of inspirational stories of real people living with mental illness and succeeding at life. Be motivated by how they stay mentally well in a digital age where there is a constant need to be accessible.

International Author Megan Coburn, country girl at heart, knows all too well about rebuilding after hitting rock bottom. From her darkest time she discovered her strength and became empowered to change. She is now inspiring people to talk about their mental health and to help reduce the stigma.

Be inspired by real people that have overcome or are living with mental illness. They will act as your trusted guide while overcoming a challenging time.

My gift of wisdom to you

  • Sleep is your best friend – this is when your body does its best work
  • Spend time in nature – it is very calming and is your biggest healer
  • It is never weak to speak – talk to your loved ones about how you are really feeling
  • Get active – even if it’s a slow walk your mind and body will love it
  • Be kind to yourself with your thoughts and actions, as your mind is very powerful
  • This too shall pass – take one day at a time
  • Treat yourself to something that you really enjoy – you deserve it!