Taking Off

Taking Off

How to be Paid to Travel!

Author: Merrian Styles

232 Million People Of The Worlds Total Population Move To Another Country Annually. Here’s How You Can Join The Movement.

International author, speaker and World Traveller, Merrian Styles shares her experiences living as an Expat for over twenty years, travelling to over 25 destinations worldwide. In this book the Author shares decades of tips and strategies that are essential for survival and successful living and working abroad. Merrian is renowned as the “Expat Expert”.

You’ll learn:

  • What it takes to be paid to travel
  • Strategies from the greats, how they did it, how i did it, and how you can too
  • The essential keys to successful living and working overseas
  • How intuition, insight, and self evaluation contribute to your success
  • How to feel on top of the world regardless of where you are living
  • The critical top 10 tips for your safety and survival while travelling abroad
  • The everlasting benefits and rewards of taking that leap into the unknown

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