Staying Together Without Falling Apart

Staying Together Without Falling Apart

How to Thrive in a Modern Day Relationship

Author: Pat Mesiti

Create The Life You Want!

Men and women are different; we all know that, most people are overworked, stressed-out and time poor and in our modern day fast paced society need new skills to have successful relationships. International celebrity, speaker and bestselling author Pat Mesiti has written a definitive guide to help men and women thrive together in a modern day relationship.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to decipher what your partner actually means when they talk.
  • How to get what you want without sacrificing your happiness
  • How to create more love, passion and romance
  • The Secrets of passion and great sex
  • How to effectively communicate in a modern day relationship
  • Understanding the different languages of Men and Women
  • Why men need respect and women need love
  • The four faces of a man and the four faces of a woman