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Face Talk for Sales Success

The Ultimate Sales Advantage Exposed! So you can Outsmart Your Competition.

This break through book reveals the inside secrets behind the success of 11 extraordinary sales professionals who generate many millions in sales every year. The time has come to lift the lid on what people’s faces are telling you. It’s there that you will discover the answers to skyrocket your sales AND have more fun playing the sales game.

In this book you’ll discover:

  • How to close more sales… faster—by individualising every interaction
  • Why talking your client’s language will have them coming back for more… with their friends
  • 7+ classified secrets for staying ahead of the pack
  • Proven, easy-to-use techniques to grab your prospect’s attention and uncover their real needs
  • Powerful strategies that’ll save you time and take the guess work out of understanding your clients
  • Access to little known insider tips and tricks from sales experts at www.FaceTalkExposed.com
  • Why the world would end without sales and sales professionals

About the Author

Yvette Sholdas
Published author, experienced business advisor and street smart profit strategist and marketer – consulting to small and medium businesses, is a trained copywriter, qualified project manager and Master NLP Practitioner.Yvette, was born in country Western Australia. She moved to Perth at 17 to complete her studies and at 19 started her diverse 18 year corporate career in financial services.Aged 21, alongside her corporate role, she started her first business and partnership – a driving school that was later sold.

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