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Fiction to Fame

The Life Story of an Inspirational Australian Artist and Author

Ever Wondered What it Takes to be a Fiction Writer?

International Author Lady Danielle Simone shares her story of living with and growing up with a mother who is an inspirational Australian Artist and Author and how their family life influenced her Art and writing.

Lady Danielle shares her mother Maureen Crawford’s journey from the influences, pressures and struggles, to her inspiring successes. You will see Maureen’s art work, beginning with landscapes and portraits, to her growth and changes after art school, and following on with her successful book ‘Way to Alternatives’.

You’ll discover:

  • How Maureen Crawford achieved her dreams when those around her discouraged the very idea
  • What living life as an artist really looks like
  • Maureen’s life and art through the eyes of her youngest daughter
  • The importance of making time for family even when ‘caught in the flow’
  • How Artist Maureen Crawford’s family and life inspired her writing for her novels
  • The secrets that led to Maureen’s success
  • And much more…..

About the Author

Lady Danielle Simone
Author, accomplished entrepreneur, parent and talented ice skater.Lady Danielle’s positive outlook on life began serving her well as a small child. After writing a convincing letter about why she should attend a Christian school in her town, she received the scholarship she was after.

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