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Grand Plan Shattered

How to Turn Your Life Around After a Crisis

Grand Plan Shattered?

The Book that Takes You on a Gentler Pathway from Crisis to Recovery and Onwards…

Dee Scown international author, multiple business owner and coach, has had to re-direct her life on a number of occasions, but in 2012 her whole world was flipped… there seemed to be no future, no hope, and any possible dreams were dashed. Since then she has slowly and deliberately re-invented her shattered “Grand Plan” to journey in a number of very different directions.

The author shares her passion and vision to help others grow, survive and thrive when faced with adversity. Now you too can survive such a crisis, and surprisingly thrive in a redefined life. Don’t allow one pause to become a complete stop, take the breather you need, and then slowly and carefully scan the horizon while you re-assess and eventually set off on your new journey to success.

You’ll Learn:

  • The exact steps to take while the pain is still raw
  • The essential health review tips while you mourn and heal
  • What a ‘Life Resume’ is, how to write and use it
  • How to get the ‘now’ in order, before the next step
  • How to tap into your intuition while resetting your compass
  • How to rebuild confidence and self-esteem
  • How to re-discover your true dreams
  • How to maintain safe life practices while you re-launch your life

About the Author

Dee Scown
Coach, speaker, business owner, company director, survivorDee Scown is a woman who has always packed a lot into her life. She’s now a master coach with the SMJ Institute, helping others to achieve success and overcome challenges. Dee is well qualified to do that from her own experience, having overcome abusive relationships in the past and illness on her way to becoming a successful businesswoman.

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