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Motorcycling Adventures

A Journey into Australia’s Outback with Bikes, Beers, Blokes and Babes

Michael If you have dreamed about getting out and exploring this vast continent of Australia, then this book is for you. International Author, Entrepreneur, Motorcycle Adventurer and Motorcycle Tour Guide, Michael Rohan Sourjah, shares his Passion and Journey of Riding across Australia’s Outback. The book is filled with wisdom, tips and stories of Motorcycling from East to West and South to North of Australia.

You’ll Discover:

  • About Nature’s Wonders That Are Scattered across Australia
  • The Key Places of Interest You Should Definitely Visit in Australia’s Outback
  • The Excitement of Riding a Motorcycle in the Australian Outback
  • Essential Tips for Planning and Having a Safe Journey in This Wild and Desolate Landscape
  • Where to find Accommodation in some of Australia’s Most Isolated Places
  • The Joy of Australia’s most Spectacular Scenery And Vistas
  • How to enjoy the Australian Outback with Bikes, Beers, Blokes and Babes

About the Author

Michael Sourjah
International Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Corporate Trainer, Consultant and Motorcycle Adventurer.Michael is an international author, speaker, entrepreneur, corporate trainer, consultant, motorcycle adventurer and motorcycle tour organiser.He is recognised as an expert in the fields of Customer Service, Corporate Team Management, Training and Motorcycle Tour Planning. Michael is the author of “Motorcycling Adventures – A Journey into Australia’s Outback with Bikes, Beers, Blokes and Babes.”

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