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Move It or Lose It

How to sit, stand and move at work and home

The Definitive Guide to Improving Your Posture and Your Health!

The Corporate world has been sitting for decades. With the emergence of the COVID-19 global pandemic, corporate and home life have collided. People have been forced to adopt their homes into the new work space. Many will not return to the workplace in the same capacity ever again. Add to that, our modern lifestyle has us sitting more than ever, in front of our TV’s, computers, phones, and while driving and eating. Whether you work at an office or from home, Dr Scott Vatcher has written this book specifically to address the accompanying global pandemic that is occurring right under our noses that no one is talking about – not moving our bodies properly and sitting too much. Sitting is the new smoking in the 21st century and will account for as many, if not more, deaths than smoking will. Bad posture and a lack of proper movement has been linked to obesity, cancer, back pain, diabetes, heart disease, neck pain, depression and anxiety. With ‘at work’ and ‘at home’ protocols, this book has all bases covered. You will learn the how, what and why of creating ideal Posture Patterns so that you can be your best self, both at work and at home. Decrease pain, boost immunity, improve physical and mental wellbeing, optimise productivity and achieve peak performance in all areas of your life by utilising the time proven and scientifically sound principles within this life changing book.

You’ll learn:

  • The 4 step process to improve strength, core stability and posture while reducing pain and discomfort
  • How to boost immunity and enhance performance naturally
  • How to avoid the dreaded ‘old man/woman’ posture syndrome
  • Ergonomic solutions for your work and home offices that save you time and money
  • How to fortify mental wellbeing and battle depression and anxiety
  • The Posture Pattern Remedy System – 30 days to better Posture, Performance and Prosperity
  • What to do when you are stuck sitting for long periods to avoid pain and boost productivity

About the Author

Scott Vatcher
Dr Scott Vatcher D.C., H.B.Sc., DICCPSerial Entrepreneur, well-travelled International Speaker and Author, and has worked as a chiropractor for seventeen yearsScott is a serial entrepreneur, well-travelled international speaker and author, and has worked as a chiropractor for seventeen years. He is married to Maia and they have a daughter, Aurora.Scott currently runs a very successful practice in the Gold Coast of Australia. His clients have included Mötley Crüe lead singer Vince Neil, country music star Adam Brand, actor and former European soccer star Vinnie Jones, and the Adelaide Crows AFL team.

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