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Never Give Up

7 Powerful Secrets I learnt from my Famous Friends and how they can Transform Your Life


7 Powerful Secrets I learnt from my Famous Friends and how they can Transform Your Life

Author: Jean Clare

How to Take Immediate Control of Your Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Financial Destiny!

This book contains a profound and unique process for individual healing and transformation.

International author, clairvoyant and consultant to the stars, JeanClare shares 30 years of research and self-discovery, which she reveals to you in 7 simple steps. The information will help you understand yourself so you can make new choices and commitments to live the best life possible for you and your loved ones. Step up to the next level of your journey. Embrace the new, authentic version of yourself how you always dreamed of being and know it is possible to truly transform how you feel, act and live life. Use these 7 powerful secrets to create positive, permanent long lasting results in your life.

You’ll learn:

  • How to understand and release self-sabotage and activate your own inner healing
  • How to make yourself the most important person in your own life
  • Essential ways to release years of emotional and mental blocks
  • Secret tips to manifest a life of unlimited happiness
  • How to create acceptance and experience inner peace
  • How to create amazing and exciting relationships
  • The steps to produce permanent positive breakthroughs emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially

About the Author

Jean Clare
Author, entrepreneur, clairvoyant, Reiki Master, teacher, public speakerJeanClare was born in the small town of Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia.

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