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RUGBY Mindset & Quality Review

Redefining Business Performance and Competitive Edge

Enhance your existing business tools, practices, acumen and performance by understanding and capturing the conversations that shape business and innovation.

International Author, Business and Project Process Administration Specialist Katrina Wilson has been actively sought after by universities, professors, businesses and thought leaders on developing innovative and functional systems and process solutions.

Founder and creator of the RUGBY Mindset & Quality Review, Katrina shares valuable knowledge for anyone seeking to develop a fresh approach to fortifying their existing business practices and fundamentals to ensure agility, growth, profit and most importantly responsible, accountable, engaged, informed and happy employees.

The RUGBY Mindset and Quality Review assists business stakeholders to:

  • Lead and Develop Your People: Using a framework to shape conversations and decisions which have an achievable outcome in your business.
  • Empower Others: To contribute within a framework that supports people to deliver measurable and timely results.
  • Breakdown Silos: By encouraging transparent and symbiotic relationships across your business that are actively promoted by your employees.
  • Adapt and Change: Develop review processes that are relevant to your business and that effectively delivers on your continual improvement business agenda.
  • Drive Strategic Results: Improve your business outcomes and processes by engaging your workforce in an operational cadence, review and action.
  • Reinvigorate Your Workforce: Shift bystander apathy towards a growth mindset by recognising responsibilities, accountabilities and contributions.
  • Translate to Profit: How a RUGBY business approach will help you redefine your business baseline, transform your workforce and translate to profit.

About the Author

Katrina Wilson
Katrina Wilson is an international author, business and process administration specialist who demonstrates a keen focus towards evaluation in both her personal life and business. Which is what makes her contribution in business sometimes challenging and always unique.

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