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The Business Advisor

The Insider Guide to Transform Your Business to Have More Cash, Customers and Clients

Cash is the King and Marketing is the Queen of Business!

Thu Le Huynh is a business advisor, international author, business owner, accountant and profit strategist. Thu shares the art and science of running a successful business. This book is filled with tips, tools and strategies that can grow your business and show you how to achieve the profitability and business success you deserve.

You’ll learn:

  • The Golden Rules of having the right mentor to transform your business in the speed of light
  • The psychology and the safeguard techniques to avoid the impact of the ‘3D’s’ of business owners: Disease, Divorce and Death
  • How to make $$$ effortlessly and endlessly while you sleep
  • 3 Powerful reasons why you should quote upfront vs hourly rare
  • How to attract and keep the right people in your business
  • How to create the right services and products for your customers, clients, and your target market
  • How to bounce back when faced with painful and costly mistakes in your business

About the Author

Thu Huynh
Business advisor, Profit Strategist and AccountantThu Le Huynh is a business advisor and the founder of Total Care Accounting Solutions & Total Care Accounting and Business Solutions. Her business clients come from a diverse range of industries.

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