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Veterinary Success Secrets Revealed

How to have and Amazing Practice and Achieve Work Life Balance

Discover How Other Veterinarians Have Achieved Happiness and Success and How YOU CAN TOO!

International Author, Speaker, Veterinary Business Coach and mentor Dr Diederik Gelderman (AVBA President 2015/2016), shares the simple, but little known and rarely applied, secrets to Veterinary success and an amazing, rewarding life.

His probing interviews of these highly successful practitioners reveals the simple and yet profound keys, mindsets, behaviours and strategies that help them achieve their success.

There is no ‘magic’ involved and therefore YOU CAN DO IT TOO – one step at a time, just apply these simple, easy step-by-step strategies and you too will achieve the personal and professional satisfaction that you want and deserve.

You’ll learn:

  • That practice success and work-life balance is NOT a myth and how you can achieve it too
  • The 3 things that every new graduate and young veterinarian must know if they want to achieve success
  • How to rekindle (rediscover) your passion and why it’s your key to success
  • The 5 biggest pitfalls in ‘vet’ and how to avoid them
  • Being successful and happy doesn’t mean being a slave to your practice (unless that’s what you really want)
  • How to accelerate and grow your success and happiness by finding the right mentor and coach who has blazed the trail before you and succeeded
  • How to make enough money to retire on comfortably (even if retirement is only 5 years away)

About the Author

Diederik Gelderman
Diederik is an author, an award-winning veterinarian, and a much sought after veterinary business coach.Being drawn to horses at an early age, Diederik participated in equestrian competition from the age of five through to his second year of University, when he devoted all of his attention to completing veterinary school.

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