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What We Aren’t Told About Sex

A Practical Guide to Understanding and Mastering the Deeper Aspects of Sex

Master the Inner Game of Sex and Change Your Life!

When more and more relationships are breaking up, singles are having difficulty finding a suitable partner; infidelity is on the rise, explicit pornography and sexual abuse have become accepted as an inevitable part of the human condition, it is time to reprogram our thinking in order to create more fulfilling relationships and a more harmonious world. What We Aren’t Told About Sex awakens us to what else is possible when we step outside of our current beliefs and behaviours, and rise above the limitations of culture, religion, personal experiences, and our own mind. In this simple easy to read book written by international author, key note speaker, teacher, and communication and relationship specialist Jane Roder, you will explore sex in depth in a way you have never explored sex. This book will challenge you, empower you, call you to action, and give you new possibilities for every day issues.

You will learn:

  • Why conventional sex based on orgasm pushes men and women apart
  • Why men and women think differently about sex
  • How to identify and free yourself from behaviours that sabotage your sex life and your relationships
  • Simple ways to keeping intimacy and eroticism alive in a long term loving relationship
  • How sex can interfere with finding Mr or Ms Right if you are single
  • Tips to safeguard your relationship from infidelity
  • Why women’s feminine energy and sexual power holds the key to transforming the world

About the Author

Jane Roder
Beloved international author, speaker, teacher, and relationship specialist. Her approach to life, and the foundation of her message, can be summed up in her belief that “the people and situations we attract teach us what we need to heal within, what works and doesn’t work, and what we want and don’t want in our lives.”

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