Darrell Hardidge

Darrell has invested over two decades of his business career in developing and improving businesses. He has studied and worked with global entrepreneurs who are recognised as the best of the best. The opportunity to learn from these individuals has enabled Darrell to develop a very diverse and strategic approach to client loyalty that is outside the constraints of commonplace thinking. His creation of the Dy-Val ladder is an example of connecting complementary theories and processes into one methodology.

The innovation and implementation behind this new metric of client appreciation is creating an entirely new way for companies to stay on the cutting edge and maintain market relevance, in a very simple and certain way. Darrell is the founder and Director of SAGUITY, a specialist company in client experience. SAGUITY is unique in that it never outsources to generic call centres and analysts. The interview techniques, business intelligence, reporting and project delivery are all in-house and tightly managed.

This I.P. is the core of what created the insights for ‘The Client Revolution’ and what gives clients the edge over their competition. Darrell’s commitment to creating dynamic value in a company is contagious, his inspiration and engagement to developing the next generation of client service champions is what sets him apart from so many others. If you’re looking for a new and innovative approach to your client experience process then Darrell is a valuable asset to have on your team. His team-building workshops on the power of relevance, the Dy-Val ladder and the client loyalty bucket are very entertaining and thought provoking. He has great success with delivering The Client Revolution workshops across Australia and internationally.

If you’re looking for an inspirational speaker who will leave your audience with clarity and understanding of what it takes to be number one on client experience, then engaging Darrell to discuss The Client Revolution will be a powerful strategy for your company. Go towww.TheClientRevolution.net.

Darrell lives in Melbourne Australia and travels nationally and internationally on behalf of his company.