Lady Danielle Simone

Author, accomplished entrepreneur, parent and talented ice skater.

Lady Danielle’s positive outlook on life began serving her well as a small child. After writing a convincing letter about why she should attend a Christian school in her town, she received the scholarship she was after. But that wasn’t all she wanted. During the scholarship interview, she convinced the school to give scholarships to her two brothers as well.

As an adult, Danielle learned to ice skate. A talented skater, she became a member of Victoria’s championship ice skating team and was captain of the team that placed in the National Australian Championships in Brisbane in 2014. She is a member of Ice Skating Victoria and the Icehouse Figure Skating Club.

Danielle also maintains a rich spiritual life. In addition to volunteering for the children’s ministry at Plenty Life Anglican Church, she also attends bible study and sponsors a child through Compassion.

She has travelled and worked throughout Australia, Bali, the United States of America, New Zealand, Canada and Vietnam.

Danielle Simone is the author of Fiction to Fame – The Life Story of an Inspirational Australian Artist and Author and lives in Victoria, Australia with her five children.