Ray & Maz Fellowes

Maz and Ray are passionate about helping people create happy and amazing lives. Maz is an experienced counsellor, workplace and life coach and has a Master of Education degree.

She has always had a passion for natural therapies and a total belief that with a holistic approach we all have the capacity to realise our full potential. Her adult clients have achieved amazing results from participating in her empowerment-coaching program.

Maz and her husband Ray are inspired to bring similar messages and tools to children, in particular teens and tweens. They have developed a stand-alone book and program for schools “Magic tools to overcome bullying and other stressful stuff! They believe it offers an edge and benefits not previously available to this age group.

Ray brings the book to life with illustrations based on the common issues all kids face around the world today. He brings a wealth of insights from many years in television production, including children’s education programs, and the arts. They are blessed to have four wonderful sons and nine grandchildren (so far) who they lovingly profess to be their greatest teachers.