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$1000 to $1 Million in 80 Days
David Shepherd

David Shepherd

David was born in Penrith New South Wales in 1965. David has a broad range of qualifications from mechanical engineering, maths, property investment and development with a Bachelor of Science, Economics and Law.

David is an expert student of life and believes that no matter what he’s achieved over the years there always will be more. In fact David’s diversity and preparation to take on challenges has seen him achieve the highest Toastmasters award, second dan black belt martial artist as well as being a master practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming.

David is currently completing his PhD of Trading. David has been trading since he was 19 (starting with options). He has been a professional trader for over 15 years on the foreign-exchange market. Part of that trading experience has seen him as a fund manager for a large superannuation fund. As a trader David is well credentialed and qualified to teach people how to trade in a way that actually works. Part of David’s PhD studies looks at the psychology of trading and it is some of this work that helps the people he teaches become successful.

Strange as it may seem, it was not trading that initially bought David and Paul together. David is a transplant recipient, having had an eye transplanted after he was hit by a bus. Paul’s initial contact with David was to include his transplant story as part of the book that Paul was writing about transplant experiences. Large in stature and even larger in heart, David Shepherd is an impressive and inspiring human being. It is that inspiration and passion for trading that saw the partnership develop with Paul.

It is that same passion that has David be a mentor and coach to many traders that are committed to trading simply and profitably. David currently lives in Perth but travels Australia-wide educating and inspiring foreign-exchange traders one-on-one, as well as working with many traders internationally online.

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