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Grace Love

Grace Love

Grace Love is well studied and travelled, a hugely successful event manager, sales and marketing specialist, business owner, author and mother. Born in Poland and originally named Katarzyna, she changed her name to Grace Love following a spiritual experience in August 2011.

After showing her academic prowess during secondary school, Grace went on study foreign trade, law and politics, followed by economics, marketing and management in Poland. This study held her in good stead for a career that has spanned all those areas and more. Diving into the business world at a young age, Grace established her own graphic design and printing business before moving into senior roles at large international companies where she rapidly climbed the corporate ladder.

These roles included operational manager, account manager, trade and marketing specialist, sales specialist, and customer service coordinator, just to name a few. In 2005, Grace left Poland for the UK where she worked for a year before travelling to Egypt where she met her Australian partner Shane. Upon moving to Australia, Grace entered the educational field and managed academics and professional staff at University of South Australia.

It was around this time that her interest in a vegan lifestyle led to her founding and co-ordinating what became one of Adelaide’s most successful festivals –Adelaide’s Vegan Festival. The festival started in 2007 attracting 1500 patrons and only 3 years later it attracted 10,000 patrons in what is clearly a growing market that Grace has effectively tapped into.

Another successful event Fruit ‘n’ Veg Parade that Grace founded was shown on national television in Australia in 2009. In 2009, Grace took over a business in Adelaide called Bliss Organic Cafe and in just three years turned the little business into one connecting thousands of like-minded people. The Cafe won a swag of state and national awards during this time and is a shining example to other business owners of how to rescue a business and turn it into a phenomenal success.

Grace has travelled extensively over the years for work, pleasure and personal development, which is a passion of hers. At times she combined freelance translation work with her travels. Countries shehas lived, worked in or visited include Egypt, UK, Germany, Russia, Lithuania, Australia, Poland, Ireland, Finland and France.

Grace is affiliated with many professional organisations including, among others, Hay House, Book Depository, VegSA – Vegan and Vegetarian Society SA, Animal Liberation, Adelaide City Council Fair Trade Committee, Greenpeace, Tony Robbins Research, and International Academy of Consciousness (IAC). She lives in Adelaide with son Samuel, daughter Sara and partner Graeme.

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