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Clean Food, Clear Thinking
Karina Francois

Karina Francois

Karina Francois Naturopath, Entrepreneur, Health Educator, Public Speaker, Author Karina is a practicing naturopath, highly sought-after health educator and public speaker, entrepreneur, and author.

A world leading nutrition expert, Karina strongly believes that if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. She’s dedicated her life to overcoming, and helping others overcome, patterns of self-sabotage that interfere with reaching health goals.

When she was a teenager, Karina suffered from anorexia and bulimia. She overcame her eating disorders, but years later she fell ill and lost sight in her left eye. Fearing that she had multiple sclerosis, Karina visited at naturopath who assisted her back to health.

That experience was a pivotal point in her life and gave her the lasting inspiration to nourish her mind and body. She studied massage, completed her training in naturopathy, and opened her own naturopathy practice.

Throughout the next decade, she continued to operate her business and expand her training as an iridologist, herbalist, nutritionist, homeopath, and biomesotherapist. As an entrepreneur and knowing that she could do more to help others improve their health, Karina decided to expand her business and opened her wellness centre, Beaconsfield Natural Medicine.

She now treats thousands of people each year , and people travel from all over the country to visit the centre and its health food shop for a wide range of workshops and activities that include massage, yoga, Pilates, hormone testing, homeopathy, and meditation. Karina is now in the process of expanding her Health Clinics nationally to all major cities. As a member of the Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association, Karina’s areas of expertise include hormones, menstrual cycles, menopause, pregnancy, weight loss, musculoskeletal ailments, skin conditions, blood pressure, anxiety, depression, stress, eating disorders, asthma, and many other conditions. Karina loves to teach and she has fun doing it.

She conducts life-changing weekend retreats for women, and she is routinely asked to speak at major events on topics such as nutrition, food addiction, hormones, and women’s health issues. She has also developed a health line of teas and herbal tonics along with her educational seminars, workshops DVDs and Cds programs. She has traveled and worked throughout Thailand, Japan, the United States, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, France, Morocco, Portugal, Greece, Philippines, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Holland, Canada, Malaysia, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. Karina Francois is the author of “Clean Food – Clear Thinking” – Change your body change your mind. She lives in Melbourne, Australia with her two sons whom she credits as her strongest motivation for living and being well.

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