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Katrina Kail

Katrina Kail

Katrina Kail is an entrepreneurial powerhouse who has built considerable online business success after gaining extensive experience from traditional and online business. As a dynamic go getter she has condensed into just a few short years what most fail to achieve in their life time. Yes that includes the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, everything from remarkable success, costly failures and valuable lessons that most never experience. She has overcome incredible adversity to forge a wonderful family life, held a number of investment properties and invested into other eCommerce projects over the years. Today she runs a successful profitable online business that gives her an enviable family/work life balance. Katrina was born in England and raised within a very controlled environment, which taught her to hone whatever youthful skills she possessed, in order to flourish in everything she did.

This included excelling in many sports such as netball, and pool where she honed her skills with her uncle and aunt at the local watering hole in Gosport, England. It wasn’t until later in life Katrina realised she has always had a natural willingness to learn, appreciate and understand business, taking inspiration from her Aunts and Grandmother. So at the tender age of 12, while still at school she began working a range of jobs to understand business. Four years later aged 16 she migrated to Australia with her parents. It was Woodvale Senior High where she completed her Tertiary Entrance Exams in Western Australia. On completing her exams and eager to see the world of business Katrina decided to go it alone, be independent and moved out of home to further her business education. Sticking with her English upbringing she worked at multiple jobs, one of which was manager of a major news agency chain. This determination and drive helped reinforce within her that you really can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it.

At just 21 years of age, Katrina was promoted to a new position requiring her to move to Victoria where she became the sales and service manager across three states for Stanilite Electronics. While here, she not only took on a second job but also began a formal business degree at RMIT. Shortly after beginning her degree, Katrina found the course to be not to her liking. Being an entrepreneur she found it hard to stay attuned to the academic perspective of business, when she could be out there doing it. The doing it won, and so unknowingly she set out on a life journey as an entrepreneur. Out on her own Katrina wasted no time in stepping into the business world running a range of online, traditional and national franchise businesses from home.

Katrina balances her business commitments with the needs of her four beautiful children. This includes a healthy interest in sport, her children’s school life, where she has held positions on the school council and involved herself in school parent associations. Katrina’s appearances on television programs have made her a sought after speaker and eBay educator. She is passionate about online business and is the author of the international best-selling book ‘eBay made easy’.

Now Katrina wants to share the wealth and success she has discovered online with other aspiring entrepreneurs. Katrina has travelled professionally throughout Australia, UK, the Middle East, Asia, United States and New Zealand. Katrina has several professional memberships and affiliations including PeSA Australia – Professional eBay and eCommerce Sellers Alliance, NORA – National Online Retailers Association, Geelong Chamber of Commerce and many other entrepreneurial, social media and eCommerce associations, just to name a few. Katrina lives in Geelong with her four beautiful children.

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