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Lifting The Lid on Quiet Achievers
Kerrie Phipps

Kerrie Phipps

Kerrie Phipps is passionate about connecting and cheering people on. When she thinks about some of the times she’s been cheered on, she knows it changed the direction of her life and lifted her vision. It’s a powerful thing. She knows what it is to live in overwhelm, in despair and discouragement, and she knows what it is to live joyfully, purposefully and effectively.

Kerrie is an accredited coach with a fascination in Neuro-leadership and Social Neuroscience. She coaches leaders and entrepreneurs (especially authors, artists, social entrepreneurs and other difference-makers) to organise their thoughts, creating new thinking and sustainable solutions. It’s the most inspiring work she can imagine ever doing.

When Kerrie speaks at various functions, dinners, luncheons and conferences; every presentation is unique for each audience. She loves connecting and engaging with people and inspiring them to lift their vision and believe in themselves and their dreams, giving them useful tools to create lasting change.

Kerrie wrote Create the Life Journal to engage people in self-reflection and self-belief, and a year later wrote Lifting the Lid on Quiet Achievers to encourage entrepreneurs and inspire budding entrepreneurs across Australia to seek out, create and make the most of opportunities to create the life and business you want, in the location you want. Cheering you on to live purposefully and amaze yourself.

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