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Leon Jay

Leon Jay

Leon Jay came across Internet Marketing in part by accident, and the another part by necessity.

Having had many different jobs over time (including working with people with special needs, unloading trucks in a warehouse and even for a time as a grave digger), he is most noticed for his contributions in the areas of natural therapies. However, while providing a range of experience and insight, none of these occupations made it easy to enjoy his passion for travel.

The internet provided the possibility to combine skills and interests in a way that allowed the lifestyle so long sought after. He has since worked as Director of Marketing for Mark Joyner Inc, helped launch WP Mage (which grossed over $1.5 million in under 2 weeks), as well as creating or assisting on many other online products. He has spoken at marketing events around the world and helped create many online success stories.

Leon is also founder of www.FusionHQ.com, a revolutionary marketing platform designed to take the headache out of the technical. His focus is making business on the internet as easy and as accessible as possible. FusionHQ has done exactly that and continues to make marketing online both simpler and more effective every day.

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