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The Formula
Lynne Wilton

Lynne Wilton

Lynne Wilton is a self-made multi-millionaire and is a seasoned, highly successful Property Investor, Entrepreneur, Author and Consultant. 

Lynne is a passionate property investor striving to show others how to build their own wealth through property.

Today, Lynne is the founder and consultant of Solid Investment Property, a company that helps first time investors to create a property investment portfolio through her world leading mentoring program. Lynne began her property portfolio at the age of 24 and since then has bought over 28 properties all over Australia. Lynne’s 23 years of experience in the property investing market has helped her develop a unique “formula” for property investing, which brings fantastic returns for her clients.

Lynne has always been a high achiever from her early business ventures in I.T and Recruitment, she grew her companies to the point where she eventually sold one of her first companies to French owned Adecco, who branded it as part of their ICON group of companies; it was the largest wholly owned recruitment company within Queensland.

Lynne is the Author of “The Formula”. Lynne’s appearances on many radio and television programs plus articles published in newspapers and magazines nationally and internationally, have made her a sought-after speaker and consultant on the international stage. Lynne has worked, consulted and travelled extensively throughout Asia, Europe, New Zealand and the USA, developing a love of both travel and in particular, helping people become more successful. Lynne currently lives in Melbourne, Australia.

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