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How to Jump into Property Investing
Mike Harvey

Mike Harvey

Author, entrepreneur, real estate and property investment expert

When he was in school, his teachers always said that he could achieve more if he would focus in class and work harder. When he got older, he learned the value of focusing and working hard. When he was 22, he started his first business, Harvey Cards. At 25 he launched Statewide Security and Cash Transport with six-armoured vehicles and a staff of 15.

Mike then made a transition into working with Inghams Chickens as a stock controller and sales analyst, where he worked for more than ten years. Soon, his interests turned to real estate and he purchased his first Investment Property at 35, his second at 41, his third at 43, and his fourth at 45.

While investing in real estate, Mike started several businesses. His businesses included Jigsaw Marketing Solutions, On Your Side investments, and an Awesome Water franchise. He sold his franchise for a healthy profit before he moved to Queensland to become COO of Awesome Water Australia. In just a few short years, he became CEO of the company.

Before purchasing his fifth Investment Property, Mike launched On Your Side Investments and wrote his first book.

Mike’s professional and charitable associations include Links Hope Island Golf Club, BNI Elite Division, Gold Coast Basket Brigade, and the Toogoolawa School for Boys.

He is an avid golfer and has won two International Masters golf titles. Mike has also enjoyed skydiving, scuba diving, mountain bike riding across the Serengeti in Tanzania, and walking the Kokoda Track as a charity fundraiser.

Mike has lived, travelled, and worked throughout Australia, New Zealand, the USA, France, England, Scotland, Thailand, Brunei, Tanzania, Japan, India, Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Cambodia.

Mike Harvey is the author of How To Jump Into Property Investing Without Being Eaten by Sharks and lives in Queensland, Australia.

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