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The Invisible Power
Selina Seah

Selina Seah

International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Energy Alchemist and Success Consultant

Selina is a best-selling author and is recognised as a leading specialist in the area of energy alchemy, intimate relationships, wealth, success and personal transformation. She is passionate about helping people make more compelling choices and creating more passion and success in their lives. As the founder and CEO of The Aura Chakra Company, Selina Seah POWER Inc, and Royale Retreat Spa she speaks and consults around the world.

Besides winning numerous business awards, Selina is also a high achiever when it comes to music, graduating in London with Honours. She has also been a music educator for more than 18 years, teaching people from age 3 to 48 years old.

For the past decade Selina has worked, travelled, consulted and spoken to thousands of people in over 14 countries such as Singapore, USA, Australia, London, France, Germany, Sweden, India, Korea, Hong Kong and Malaysia just to name a few. She’s also consulted with CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies, celebrities, actors and other world leaders who wanted to empower their lives.

Selina’s appearances on radio shows, media interviews plus articles published in newspapers and magazines nationally and internationally, have made her a sought-after speaker and consultant on the international stage.

Selina started her success and wealth creation strategies at a young age, a passion which led her to creating successful international businesses. Selina has created wealth and success through business and her 30+ international property portfolio.

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