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Wolfgang Hofbauer

Wolfgang Hofbauer

Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker

Wolfgang is an international expert in all aspects of online marketing and internet education, as well as a highly sought after speaker on the global speaking circuit, a previous member of the Defence Force, an author, a successful event manager, husband and father.

Wolfgang came to Australia from a non-English speaking background in 1973. He initially worked as an electrical workshop technician for Breville before joining the Defence Force for his 20 year career. A keen triathlete and orienteering champion, Wolfgang’s physical prowess saw him succeed in many contests both for the Defence Force and his age group.

On assignment in the South Pacific 27 years ago conducting foreign aid work, Wolfgang met his future wife. He then changed his direction from being a cartographer and surveyor, to teaching and mentoring his trade within the Defence Force. One highlight of his Defence career was being attached to the anti-terrorist team protecting the 2000 Sydney Olympics and Paralympics. Retirement from the Defence Force left Wolfgang plenty of time to pursue his passion for woodworking, but he still craved further challenges. So he completed a Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Business Management in under a year and was then asked to manage a global financial education company. This led to a whole new career and area of expertise opening up for Wolfgang as he developed not just professionally but personally as well to achieve incredible success.

Soon enough he was speaking on stage to audiences of up to almost 2000 people around the world. He started teaching stock market education in the UK, Australia, USA and New Zealand to sell-out crowds.

His expertise is not limited only to speaking on stage but also includes event logistics and audio visual management to ensure every event goes off without a hitch.

Wolfgang has travelled extensively for both business and pleasure to far flung places including around Australia, the UK, USA, Thailand, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, France and more.

As online technology became ever more important, Wolfgang started teaching internet business development around Australia and Thailand. He is a regular guest speaker at international events and mentors students globally. His seminars and presentations have transformed thousands of lives worldwide, helping people unlock the secrets to phenomenal success, both in business and personal investing.

Wolfgang then started his own company – Melbourne Web Marketing – helping clients in all aspects of getting online and creating super success in a range of online environments including social media. Wolfgang belongs to many groups and associations including Social Media Marketing, Small Business Marketing Network, Internet Marketing Alliance, and Best Coaching Program just to name a few.

He lives in Melbourne with his wife and son.

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