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Angels Guides and Goosebumps

Spiritual Stories About Manifesting The Life You Truly Want

Empower Your Life Through Contact With Angels and Guides to Become the Best You Can Be!

International author, speaker and spiritual master Kawena shares with you her many years of experience connecting with the Angelic energies, and why as she approaches 90 years of age, she is so happy, full of energy and vitality and still living life to the full.

She will tell you about her amazing and unusual ANGELIC encounters giving you hints on how to connect with your Angels so they too can help you on your life’s path.

Kawena’s main ambition is to promote the Angel energy. This can help bring about More Love, More Balance and More Caring into the World, while accepting The Angel energy naturally; into our daily life.

As a professional guide and mentor she reveals her secrets to her high energy, good health and inner peace.

You will discover:

  • How Kawena connects with her Angels and how you can too
  • Stories from others who’ve had incredible experiences with Angels and Guides
  • How to turn your life around and manifest your dreams and desires into a reality
  • Powerful positive Affirmations with key tips to help you increase your confidence and self-esteem
  • Inside a free meditation CD download to help you utilise the full power of your mind
  • Kawena’s breakthrough breathing techniques that energise every cell and nerve ending in the body
  • How to awaken your intuition

About the Author

Kawena Gordon
Kawena (Gwen Gordon) is now 89 years young and a second time author showing you are never too old to live your dreams.Born in NSW, Australia, in 1928, Kawena lived what may be called a normal life as wife and mother. It was always her dream as a little girl to sing and at the same time she had a fascination in the power of the mind.

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