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Angels Guides and Goosebumps
Kawena Gordon

Kawena Gordon

Discover the Secrets of Kawena’s high energy, passion and enthusiasm for life. Simple and easy to understand for young or old.

You will be:

  • Happier
  • Healthier
  • More confident

Kawena (Gwen Gordon) is now 89 years young and a second time author showing you are never too old to live your dreams.

Born in NSW, Australia, in 1928, Kawena lived what may be called a normal life as wife and mother. It was always her dream as a little girl to sing and at the same time she had a fascination in the power of the mind.

At 30 years of age the family moved to the Gold Coast in Queensland. Once the family grew up and moved out, Kawena learnt to sing at 45 years of age. Here she discovered the power of the breath and her whole life turned around being much more energised, motivated and confident than she had ever been.

Out went the old Gwen Gordon and in came Kawena.

Kawena spent the next 22 years singing up and down the Gold Coast with the Labrador Senior Citizens Group. Kawena also took her own singing group to nursing homes and other senior citizen venues.

Having experienced such joy and happiness in singing and understanding the importance of the breath, Kawena wanted to learn more about the power of quality breath.

Kawena constantly explored and studied the mind, the breath, meditation and different healing modalities such as sound and colour vibration, reiki and crystal healing and realised quality breathing was the key ingredient for high energy, happiness and motivation.

Kawena then moved from singing to teaching meditation and motivation in her regular meditation group plus High Energy Motivation workshops for the next 20 years.

Kawena enjoys the enthusiasm of the younger generation who are looking for purpose and direction, are keen to understand and improve their life, find their own happiness and have more energy. At the same time, teaching the 30–50-year-old unemployed to be happy and motivated was immensely rewarding.

As Kawena followed her dreams, she now wants to share her story and motivate others to be happy and confident to follow their dreams.

having lived on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland, Kawena’s greatest joy in life was helping people understand what wonderful potential lives in each and every one of us and it doesn’t matter how old or how young you are, you can always achieve your dream with the power of quality breathing and the power of the mind.

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