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Fuel of Champions

Food, Fitness and Mindset Secrets Revealed

Food, Fitness and Mindset Secrets Revealed

This Book is the Fuel You Need to become a Future Champion!

In this book you’ll discover:

  • Easy ways to eat healthy and stay active
  • Championship principles to achieving your goals fast
  • Breakthrough methods and strategies for keeping focused and motivated.
  • How to have a champion mindset
  • Essential tips for reaching greater levels of success
  • How to have more energy and passion, success and fulfilment than you ever thought possible
  • The psychology of champions and advice on what it takes to get to the top

About the Author

Tiffany Roselt
Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker and Behavioural Change TherapistTiffany is a seasoned Business Executive, Entrepreneur, Personal Growth Strategist, Author & Consultant.Tiffany is the Co-founder and on the Board of Directors of ‘New Focus Clinics’, one of Australia’s most respected brands in the personal change arena. Through her dedication, hard work and vision, Tiffany and her team have been changing people’s lives in the areas of Quitting Cigarettes, Weight Loss and Personal Success.

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