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Fuel of Champions
Tiffany Roselt
Deciding Enough is Enough
Tiffany Roselt

Tiffany Roselt

Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker and Behavioural Change Therapist

Tiffany is a seasoned Business Executive, Entrepreneur, Personal Growth Strategist, Author & Consultant.

Tiffany is the Co-founder and on the Board of Directors of ‘New Focus Clinics’, one of Australia’s most respected brands in the personal change arena. Through her dedication, hard work and vision, Tiffany and her team have been changing people’s lives in the areas of Quitting Cigarettes, Weight Loss and Personal Success.

She has always been driven to succeed even at a young age, having toured with a Talent Agency for her performing abilities, then later on representing the state in high level sporting activities.

She’s recognised as an expert in the fields of Behavioural Change Hypnosis, Consulting, Personal Development and Mentoring.

Tiffany is the author of the book “Deciding Enough is Enough” – A Quick Start Guide to Achieving Personal Success, along with being the developer of a large range of educational seminars, workshops, DVDs and CD programs.

She is board certified at Neuro Linguistic Programming ( NLP ) and is qualified as a Quit Cigarettes Specialist & qualified as an Ideal Weight Specialist.

Tiffany lives in Brisbane, Australia with her husband.

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