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Start a Revolution in Your Life and Business

Do Not Read This Book Unless You Are Looking To Seriously Challenge Your Current Way Of Thinking!

Forget about living life in a mode of just doing, doing and forcing. Forget the archaic tools and techniques for effective leadership. Because if you feel like you’re doing something that is heavy, forced and absolutely not you, then you’re doing it all wrong. So whether your dream is to live a more fulfilling personal life, sky-rocket your business profits, take your leadership influence to a global level, or simply let life in a little more, then this book is the exact mind-opening experience and blueprint you need. You’ll discover how to unlock the science of you with these deeper principles that helped international best selling author, speaker, humanitarian, and social entrepreneur Jeffrey Slayter, become a self made multi millionaire before the age of 30 while serving others in finding their unique gift to the world.

You’ll learn:

  • The steps to opening your imagination and mind to generate more business sales, innovate, and communicate your unique offering in the market place
  • How to change your relationship to time so you can become more productive and use it on the things that matter to you most
  • How to use your imagination to bring multiple millions of dollars to your bottom-line.
  • Transform your relationship to fear to cause breakthroughs in your business and personal life
  • What pitfalls to stay clear of on your way to making multiple millions
  • Identify your passion, identify your calling and get paid to live your mission now

About the Author

Jeff Slater
Jeffrey was born in Hawaii, where he spent his early years as a child. Being surrounded by a strong surf culture and one that had a deep appreciation for the ocean, Jeffrey has always been fascinated and inspired by dolphins. By the third grade, Jeffrey’s father’s software company was acquired, and he moved to Silicon Valley, Cupertino (hometown of Silicon Valley giants such as Steve Jobs). There he spent a good part of his life watching some of the biggest technology companies such as Apple, Google, Yahoo and eBay grow exponentially over the years.

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