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Jeff Slater

Jeff Slater

Jeffrey was born in Hawaii, where he spent his early years as a child. Being surrounded by a strong surf culture and one that had a deep appreciation for the ocean, Jeffrey has always been fascinated and inspired by dolphins.

By the third grade, Jeffrey’s father’s software company was acquired, and he moved to Silicon Valley, Cupertino (hometown of Silicon Valley giants such as Steve Jobs). There he spent a good part of his life watching some of the biggest technology companies such as Apple, Google, Yahoo and eBay grow exponentially over the years.

After years of on-the-court business experience (this includes mistakes and huge wins) and learning in the space of business psychology and human potential, Jeffrey Slayter has united alternate philosophies with business principles to deliver systems to help individuals and businesses do what they are here to do in the world, with mastery.

Living this path, has given Jeffrey the opportunity to train and learn from over three million people (both online and offline) in over 12 different countries worldwide.

As a self-made millionaire before age of 30, he has spoken on stage alongside some of the most successful entrepreneurs, thought leaders, change makers and executive coaches. Some of which include:
–  Sir Richard Branson (founder of Virgin)
–  Brian Tracy (world renowned motivational speaker and author)
–  Dr John Gray (best-selling author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus)
–  Les Brown (internationally rated the top motivational speaker)
–  Bob Proctor (star from the movie The Secret)
–  Dr John F. Demartini (star from the movie The Secret)
–  Frank Kern (the highest paid direct response internet marketer in the world)
–  T Harv Ecker (best-selling author of The Secrets of a Millionaire Mind)

Running a successful multimillion-dollar corporate training company, Jeffrey has also personally consulted Fortune 500 companies. In his spare time, you might find him enthusiastically delving into eastern philosophies, meditation, alternate holistic practices, Sufi poetry, surfing (borderline healthy addiction), eating “healthy stuff ”, playing with his crazy dogs (Buster and Turbo), spending time with family and friends, attempting to write books (like this one) and just generally enjoying letting life in!

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