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Magical Travels

A Travel Guru’s Guide to the Most Mystical and Amazing Places on Earth.

“One Day at a Sacred Site is worth a Thousand Days of Meditation”

International Author, Tour Guide and Feng Shui Master Teacher, Sharon Breslin takes you on a truly magical journey as she shares her tale of adventures through mystical ancient lands.

From the moment she stepped foot on Egyptian soil the mysteries began to unfold. There were chance meetings with strangers who passed on life changing messages, a moment high up in the mountains of Tibet where her third eye fully opened and so much more. Sharon’s intrepid journeys have fed her gypsy soul unlocking her spiritual self in ways she could never have imagined. This book without a doubt will have you planning your next trip down the road less travelled.

You’ll discover:

  • The reason you might feel unusually at home in a foreign land. Could you be reconnecting to a past life?
  • How to access age-old secrets and wisdom while sharing time with elders in ceremony on their sacred lands.
  • Why travelling on a spiritual pilgrimage is so powerful and beats a package holiday any day.
  • The importance of your dreams and how the spirit world communicates information to you during this time.
  • Tips and secrets on how to unlock and fast track your own spiritual wisdom.
  • How cellular memory is triggered and healing can be experienced at a very deep level.

About the Author

Sharon Breslin
Travel expert, business consultant, Feng Shui practitioner, and authorSharon Breslin’s life has been a full and exciting journey—both physically and spiritually. Today she combines the experience of a lifetime of travelling with her work as a Feng Shui practitioner.The travel wanderlust all probably started for Sharon, a native New Zealander, when her New Zealand mother and Irish father took her by ship at the age of four to live in England and Ireland for two years.

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