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Outsmart Sugar

How to Retrain your Brain to Kick the Sugar Habit

Do you find sugar simply irresistible?

It’s not your fault!

In this no-nonsense guide, International author Tara Mitchell shows just how easy it is to outsmart sugar – no willpower required! She went from devouring ice-cream for breakfast and multiple cans of Coke a day to dismissing sugar effortlessly using simple, effective techniques that really work.

Inside Tara shows you how to give up sugar too, without having to rely on sheer willpower.

You’ll Learn…

  • How to lose weight, gain energy and vitality without following some FAD or celebrity diet.
  • Proven strategies to gain confidence, self-esteem, clarity and feeling great.
  • 3 easy steps to totally deactivate your cravings and give you back full control!
  • How to outsmart your OLD programming and make better decisions easily and effortlessly.
  • What sugar really does to your brain and why you should be afraid… very afraid.
  • How to eliminate sugar cravings using Tara’s breakthrough yet simple techniques.
  • A step-by-step plan to reprogram your subconscious reaction to sugar and to avoid the dirty marketing tricks used to mislead you.

About the Author

Tara Mitchell
Author, Entrepreneur, Life Coach, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming TrainerTara is an author, journalist, entrepreneur, life coach, Master Ericsonian hypnotherapist and highly sought-after Neuro-Linguistic Programming trainer.Her entrepreneurial spark ignited at the age of 14, when she started her first business making and selling Happy Pants to her classmates. She also began her love affair with writing and public speaking whilst still in school, reporting for the school newsletter and captaining the champion high-school debating team.

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