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Outsmart Sugar
Tara Mitchell

Tara Mitchell

Author, Entrepreneur, Life Coach, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainer

Tara is an author, journalist, entrepreneur, life coach, Master Ericsonian hypnotherapist and highly sought-after Neuro-Linguistic Programming trainer.

Her entrepreneurial spark ignited at the age of 14, when she started her first business making and selling Happy Pants to her classmates. She also began her love affair with writing and public speaking whilst still in school, reporting for the school newsletter and captaining the champion high-school debating team.

Prior to focusing her talents on assisting others with improving their lives, Tara qualified as an economist, graduating from The University of Adelaide and going on to earn a Graduate Diploma in Administration.

After deciding against boring people to death for a living, Tara became a Wine and Spirits Educator – gaining a Graduate Diploma in Wine Business Management and an International Advanced Certificate in Wine and Spirits. This has afforded her all kinds of fascinating experiences, from teaching whiskey appreciation to the staff at London’s finest hotels, hosting a Riesling and Cornish Pasty breakfast atop a high altitude vineyard in the Clare Valley, and driving a sponsored pace car in the Tour Down Under cycling race. Tara has an adventurous spirit that has motivated her to work and travel around the world. She managed a ski chalet in the French Alps, served lunch to royalty at Lord’s Cricket Ground, danced on a float at the Notting Hill Carnival and bungee-jumped, para-sailed, scuba-dived and hot-air ballooned her way around the globe. As a published journalist, she managed to combine her love of music and writing to gain access to exclusive interviews with many world famous pioneers of electronic dance music across Europe and Australia.

Practicing what she teaches, Tara kicked a multiple-can-a-day Coca- Cola habit and weaned herself off ice-cream for breakfast (yes, really!). She is also a self-described recovered shopaholic, even making an appearance on the Today Tonight show where she demonstrated how changing her thinking got her out from under a mountain of credit card debt.

When she finds herself at home, she spends time atoning for her Happy Pants sins by creating much more beautiful clothing, as well as pretending to be a chef, engaging in light home renovation, reading and exercising her green thumb.

Tara now focuses on using her many talents to help others be more successful in all areas of life.

Tara Mitchell is the author of “Outsmart Sugar” and lives in Melbourne, Australia with her partner Toby.

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