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Succeed Over Fear

Learn To Turn Off A Panic Attack In 90 Seconds

Learn To Turn Off A Panic Attack In 90 Seconds

Success expert and author Rob Whittle shares his complete program that tackles both the mental side and the physical side of panic attacks in an easy to understand step by step approach, this book will give you the keys to unlocking and reversing your anxiety and panic.

You’ll learn:

  • The secret of the most powerful method of turning the panic off ……and then getting instant control
  • How to understand what happens to your mind and body during a panic attack….so you can begin the path to change and stop worrying whether you have a terminal disease or illness
  • How to recognise your triggers so you can start to dismantle and stop them
  • How to recognise your own panic cycle and then take steps to disrupt it stopping the constant steam of anxious thoughts
  • How to harness your bodies own anxiety producing chemical, lactic acid, and then turn it back on the fear
  • How to turn your panic on and off like a switch….completely taking the power of an attack away and preventing your disconnected state
  • How to return your mind and body to a state of complete relaxation. Free of fear and in control once again.

About the Author

Robert Whittle
Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker and Business ConsultantRobert is a seasoned business executive entrepreneur, author and business consultant.He’s passionate about helping people become more successful and teaches them on how to overcome life’s challenges both personally and professionally.

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