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The Naked Stylist

Your Style Guide to Feeling Fabulous

Love Your Wardrobe! Love Your Life!

When women don’t know what to wear to make them feel good, they struggle along wasting time, money, energy and lose their confidence in the process. International author, fashion fixer and individual styling expert Karen Blee shares her years of experience and expertise showing you how to connect to what you love and discover that feeling fabulous and confident is fun and necessary to your wellbeing! The Naked Stylist will help you put your best foot forward bringing you more confidence, joy and greater success.


  • How to get what you want and want what you have with more energy and less stress.
  • The secret to looking longer and leaner every day! (no sweat or diet required).
  • How to create a functional & fun wardrobe saving time and money (and learn why ‘retail therapy’ doesn’t work!)
  • Three easy steps to look younger and healthier –guaranteed!
  • How to discover your authentic self while dressing with purpose for every day and every occasion.
  • The #1 Secret that every woman should know when it comes to buying clothes.
  • The psychology of fashion and the critical 3 second rule that impacts our decisions, your choices and affects all areas of our lives.

About the Author

Karen Blee
A successful entrepreneur, highly sought after personal stylist, and experienced author.Having struggled early in life with self esteem that was so low that she rarely went anywhere alone, Karen has realised her own potential. She is involved in numerous projects to help other women build their confidence and wellbeing. Through their own self-discovery, self-awareness and self-care. Karen encourages women’s belief in what they love and dream of their in lives, starting in their very own personal space – their wardrobes!

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