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The Naked Stylist
Karen Blee

Karen Blee

A successful entrepreneur, highly sought after personal stylist, and experienced author.

Having struggled early in life with self esteem that was so low that she rarely went anywhere alone, Karen has realised her own potential. She is involved in numerous projects to help other women build their confidence and wellbeing. Through their own self-discovery, self-awareness and self-care. Karen encourages women’s belief in what they love and dream of their in lives, starting in their very own personal space – their wardrobes! The ownership and management of a ‘flagship’ store and a company store for the extremely popular Jean Jones brand was a pivotal point in her life. Karen discovered that she instinctively understood both the concept and the business of style and authentic personal presentation. Her discovery and awareness was fuelled further by the popularity of the television show What Not to Wear.

Women who watched the show were becoming increasingly aware of the impact their personal appearance had on themselves and those around them. Today that awareness has been developed further by the ‘new’ science of Fashion Psychology. Karen’s natural skills, approachable manner and extensive ‘hands-on’ experience, have helped her gravitate towards teaching women to understand, accept and celebrate their own uniqueness instead of focussing on their perceived flaws. This in turn leads to choosing clothing that makes them look great and more importantly feel fabulous! This increases women’s self-worth and expands their personal potential.

Before finding her calling in the fashion retail industry, Karen worked and developed her talents in marketing and sales roles in a broad range of industries including architecture, group fitness, media, hospitality and weight loss. Karen has also written articles for various magazines and appeared in the media. Karen has travelled and worked throughout Hawaii, Australia, Singapore, the United States, and Bali. One of the valuable life lessons she’s learned is to always pay attention to your appearance as this is your non-verbal communication and connection to other people.

When you look good you feel good, when you feel good you do good – you have the confidence to do anything you choose. Karen Blee is the author of The Naked Stylist and creator of the 7 Step Style Strategy System, she currently chooses to live in Perth, Australia.

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