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Waising Miss Chloe

Removing the Fear of Raising a Child With Down Syndrome

International author and motivational speaker Sue Dymond shares over 2 decades worth of experience and expertise in working with individuals with Down syndrome as well as raising her own child with Down syndrome. This book explores and overcomes the initial deep fears, challenges, shock, grief, anger, loss, sadness, anxiety, denial and isolation people face.

This book will empower you with the knowledge, wisdom, inspiration, motivation and tips and tools to ensure a more positive journey for you and your child with Down syndrome.

You’ll learn:

  • Amazing and simple techniques to help you to be strong and stay strong – even when you’re overwhelmed.
  • How to make informed decisions rather than just believing what the doctors tell you.
  • How to navigate the road maps and maze of Human Services, Government departments, and other organisations.
  • How to create a loving and united family environment and help your child become confident, full of self-esteem and gain independence.
  • The common myths and not so common facts about people with Down syndrome.
  • How to speak confidently to teachers, doctors, and other professionals to ensure win win situations.
  • Tips to easily access Support Systems, extra Funding, Free Resources and Case Managers.

About the Author

Sue Dymond
Author, Youth Mentor, Disability and 12 Step Advocate, Businesswoman, CounsellorSue’s life is a testament to what anyone can accomplish even when faced with a difficult start in life, seemingly unsurmountable obstacles, and emotional burdens. She has met every challenge with determination and turned herself into an author, youth/adult mentor, disability and 12 step advocate, businesswoman, and spiritual counsellor.

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