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Waising Miss Chloe
Sue Dymond

Sue Dymond

Author, Youth Mentor, Disability and 12 Step Advocate, Businesswoman, Counsellor

Sue’s life is a testament to what anyone can accomplish even when faced with a difficult start in life, seemingly unsurmountable obstacles, and emotional burdens. She has met every challenge with determination and turned herself into an author, youth/adult mentor, disability and 12 step advocate, businesswoman, and spiritual counsellor.

As Sue says, “the sign of a not-so-great person is one who insists that their own unfulfilled dreams be lived through some-one else and justifies it by believing and informing others it is the best thing for that person. The sign of a truly great person is one who finds their dreams (little or big) and lives them…no matter what.”

Born into an alcoholic home in the bush of Queensland, Sue faced challenges at an early age. Her mother left when Sue was 14-years-old. She was kicked out of boarding school. She left home when she was 16-years-old. And at the age of 18, she was pregnant, having to decide whether or not to keep her baby. Choosing to keep her baby girl, Sue began to rebuild her life.

She joined a 12 Step program to deal with personal issues caused by growing up in an alcoholic family. She earned an income by managing bars and supervising corporate rooms at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground), received a diploma in hospitality management, learned the catering business, invented a motorized trolley for the Melbourne University catering unit, and received a diploma in frontline management.

Even with everything she knew and all of her outstanding accomplishments, she married an alcoholic, whom she eventually divorced. She then recommitted herself to her 12 Step program and co-chaired a 4-day Australian convention in 2001 hosting more than 700 delegates.

Sue’s compassion for others led her to volunteer with teen organizations for more than 15 years. While having amazing success with improving the lives of teens, Sue was invited to speak about her achievements throughout Australia. She also mentored many adults, assisting them to reach their highest potential. She co-hosted a weekly community radio show about alcoholism and the effect of is on the families and loved ones for 2 years.

Raising Chloe, her daughter with Down syndrome, Sue has been active with support organizations. She’s also been invited to give presentations about Down syndrome and disability. She has published several articles about her daughter in VOICE, the quarterly publication of Down syndrome Victoria. Her personal health has also been a challenge. After suffering a massive stroke in 2003, she had to learn how to walk again.

Having working at the MCG, Melbourne University, William Angliss Institute catering and Ericcsons catering, Sue fulfilled her dream to operate her own business. She opened Delegates Conference Accessories which sells promotional products, and Manatu Majik which offers Reiki, crystal therapy, aromatherapy, and spiritual counselling. Sue now holds a diploma in counselling, a certificate in spiritual counselling, an advanced certificate in crystal therapy, and a Level 3 certification in Reiki.

Sue is a member of Down syndrome Victoria, Carers Victoria, and the International Complimentary Therapist Association.

Always adventurous, Sue has visited New Guinea, Singapore, Dubai, Italy, France, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, the Slavyansk Republic, Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, England, Wales, and Scotland. Not to mention every capital city in Australia and many, many of beautiful places in this fine country of hers.

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