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Mumpreneurs Online Exposed
Fiona Lewis

Fiona Lewis

Fiona Lewis is a highly successful internet marketer and founder of Mumpreneurs Online. Coming from a teaching background, Fiona took a giant leap of faith in leaving proven job security to pursue a career in Internet Marketing.

Through sheer hard work and determination Fiona has demonstrated how seemingly ordinary women can achieve truly extraordinary things. Within 12 months of leaving teaching, Fiona not only replaced her annual salary but also created the much sought after time she wanted to spend alongside her children as she worked from home.

Building on her Masters of Education in HR and Management, Fiona undertook intensive training in Internet Marketing under the guidance of internationally recognised Internet Marketing Innovator, James Schramko. She is a member of the International Internet Marketing Association (IIMA) and the Australian Web Industry Association (AWIA).

Fiona’s desire to work in a world without borders is mirrored by her extensive travel to some of the world’s major cities and most desirable destinations including London, LA, Hong Kong, France, Germany, Luxemburg, Greece, Ireland, Scotland and Fiji. Fiona now lives in Sydney with her husband and three sons.

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